Because we are passionate about perfection

Because we are passionate about our home and know the Mediterranean like the back of our hand, we will curate an ideal selection of experiences for you. We're personally connected so we can promise really interesting priority access. We also know what is "good deal" in our country, so quite honestly our service pays for itself.

Solo Raro Travellers

We’re there to provide inspiration and 100% reliability for your trip. Brief us with anything from a sports break to rural discovery. Our goal is for you to end your travels loving our home as much we do!

Raro Together Travellers

We promise each traveller in your party will be able to fulfil their personal passion. We can match golf and gastronomy, sailing and culture, wellbeing and Italian cuisine.

Celebrations and Events

We arrange exceptional celebrations and business events in our countries with plenty of authentic atmosphere. This is our home and our hospitality is boundless, you and all your guests will feel the difference with a Raro event. We integrate your passions, be that anything from sailing to pizza making, and wherever we can we incorporate Mediterranean ‘outdoor luxury’.