Raro Discovery is a licensed luxury travel agency. 
Based in Milan, we handle requests throughout Italy and the Mediterranean. We are a close team of travel professionals inspired by our own individual passions. 
Our passions drive us to create rare and inspiring itineraries.

Our Collection

A passion fulfilled can transform travel into an indelible memory. An experience that lifts your energy long after you’ve returned to your busy life.

Cambuse, our personalized charter service, offers idyllic Mediterranean destinations combined with gourmet cuisine by professional Chefs. 

Golf Charme seamlessly combines golf experiences with the very best of the country’s unique regions. 

At Travel & Savour we craft delicious itineraries around fine dining, providing exclusive access to culinary and cultural destinations, including highly-coveted Michelin-starred restaurants. 

The Rural Collection features unique farm houses, countryside hotels, cottages and authentic rural experiences.

Wellbeing. Explore customized wellness programs amidst Mediterranean nature, catering to individuals and groups. Immerse in specially chosen, enchanting locations for an exceptional well-being retreat.

Our team of expert Travel Designers will tailor make itineraries individual to your clients. No two are the same. 
Our experiences are unique, entirely driven by the clients’ passions. 

Raro Discovery acts as a DMC for inquiries across all of Italy, including Sardinia and Sicily, and extends to the Mediterranean for golf, yacht and sailing, and luxury rural inquiries. 


We reply promptly, always delighted to create your tailormade escape.

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