Each Raro Traveller has a passion to pursue, we’ll make that central to your itinerary while revealing the Mediterranean’s most authentic lifestyle.

When you fulfil your passion you transform travel into an indelible memory, whether it is golf and gastronomy, sailing blue seas, rustic pleasures, high culture or soulful wellbeing.

We are a close team of travel professionals brimming with a Mediterranean compulsion for hospitality. We put heart and soul into welcoming guests to our home, you’ll find it makes a world of difference when you travel with Raro Discovery.

Why Raro

Your passion and the Mediterranean lifestyle


We bring together people who share the same passion.


We seek out the exceptional.

Enriching Life

A Mediterranean experience driven by the Raro Traveller’s Passions

Personalised to your passion, authentically Mediterranean.

The Raro Discovery Collection

Each stream of our Raro Discovery collection is dedicated to one of our founders’ passions. Each itinerary is created entirely for you, no two are the same. Tell us what you love doing and we’ll bring that passion to life in a bespoke travel experience, so enriching it will lift your energy long after your return.

Travel Inspirations

Life is short!

Have you made time for your passions? When did you last spend a few days with your best
friend or surprise your partner with a romantic escape. Have you shown your children something extraordinary in the world which they’ll never forget? Now is always the time.

Let us inspire you with these Mediterranean experiences that help you discover the region’s culture and natural beauty.

Slow travel in Sorrento

Come to an Italian agriturismo high above the Amalfi coast where zesty lemon groves revitalise your whole being. Enjoy sun drenched afternoons lounging on the panoramic terrace. Walk through lemon groves to pick ripened fruit, later sip iced limoncello at sunset. Discover an authentic slice of Mediterranean culture with our slow travel philosophy, spending time well, savouring the moment.

Sail into the sunset

Take your lover on a beautiful, life-enhancing experience on board a sleek white-sailed yacht. Glide by UNESCO’s Cinque Terre beneath mountainside villages, and explore the charms of the Italian Riviera. Dive into pristine seas, stroll through historic ports, dine on catch of the day grilled on a sandy shore. Read Byron and Shelley sailing by the Golfo Dei Poeti with sunset aperitifs.

The Italian film set

Italy has long been the alluring backdrop for so many inspirational films; sensual Rome in La Dolce Vita, ravishing Florence in Room with a View, while Il Postino was filmed on the isle of Procida. Cinema Paradiso remains one of the most evocative portraits, featuring the director’s home near Palermo – where we’ll transport you back in time with an aperitivo by the 17th century Baroque fountain, before your private al fresco screening. Then we’ll unfurl an entire itinerary revealing Sicily’s traditions and scenic beauty through those glorious film sets.

Soul nourishing earth, sea and biodiversity

Breathe, rest and reset by the hush of waves. We take you to the pristine beaches of north Sardinia where you’ll wake with the rhythms of nature. Nourish your soul and revitalise your body with guided meditation and yoga. Be inspired by the scents and flavours of Mediterranean herbs with personalised menus of farm to table cuisine.

The most important tomato

Alongside Rome’s Colosseum and the Sistine chapel, Neapolitan pizza-making has UNESCO world heritage status. More than three hundred tomatoes are cultivated in Italy, but there is one that is revered by the world’s most acclaimed ‘pizzaioli’, our pizza chefs. The San Marzano tomato, whose balance of sweetness and acidity is unique – journey to a region where the soil is enriched by Mount Vesuvius. Visit a dairy farm in Paestum, famed for its buffalo milk mozzarella. Finally dine at Pizzeria La Notizia, home to the world acclaimed pizzaiolo, Enzo Coccia.

Tee off with your closest friends

Your great friends can always make you smile, especially those who share your passions, like golf. We’ll take you to the Tuscan slopes to play in scenic beauty amidst rolling vineyards. And then to Montalcino, to tee off at the Castiglion Del Bosco Golf Club, followed by a rare Brunello tasting in the cellars. Later toast friendship and fine living over a Michelin starred feast at Boccondivino.

Yoga on yachts

Balance, calm and becoming at one with the elements, this is yoga at sea, a serene therapeutic experience. Yoga is exceptionally strengthening as you adjust with the dip and sway of the boat on the water. Your private instructor will plan your on-board retreat according to your ability and ambitions. Sail between pristine bays and coastal towns, expanding your horizons where the sea meets the sky. Yoga is an ideal on-board exercise; all you need is a mat and a foredeck. Yoga on a yacht is a beautiful experience that promotes suppleness, clarity, calmness and concentration.

Venetian dawn at the Rialto market

Step into the vibrant dawn of Venice’s famous fish market as a companion to a Michelin starred chef. This is the beginning of a fascinating culinary day which culminates in an 8-course gastronomic dinner with wine pairings. After a night at sea the fishermen present their catch. Your chef will guide you round the brilliant produce on display, sharing professional insights, discussing cuisine and ingredients. Throughout the morning your grand gastronomer will be devising a menu to astonish and delight you.

Catch and cook at sea

The chase is on for the finest catch of the day. This is an adrenaline rush in the fresh sea air as you wield the rod until you reel in La Pezzogna – Mediterranean red bream, known as our ‘Queen of the Sea’. Once landed you’ll learn to prepare your fish with Mediterranean style and wine pairings of course. Nothing tastes as fresh as this sea to table experience. Throughout the day you will learn plenty of skills from your talented fisherman and on-board chef.

Emotional, stunning, rare experiences