About us

Inspired by our passions

We are close friends, travel professionals, yachties, gastropods, golfers, nature lovers and health enthusiasts.

Our Story

We are inspired by that electric conversation the moment a shared passion is discovered, whether swapping tales of teeing off over Lake Como or sailing into Ischia with an aperitivo. We created Raro Discovery to pursue your individual passion through travel.

We are Mediterraneans: local culture and food, Italian lifestyle. It’s an important difference between us and other tour operators, the Mediterranean is our home. We don’t see the region as destinations on a map, we’re sharing the lifestyle that we and our parents have long enjoyed. We’ll put our hearts into curating your itinerary and promise some rare discoveries.

We are big champions of slow travel, so whatever your passion, we allow time to connect with local culture and food. We know this makes the most memorable Mediterranean experience.

Local and fine experiences with strong authenticity.


Raro Discovery is inspired by luxuries that have no price like sailing with dolphins soaring below your bow or choosing a ripe red tomato from the vine. We’re passionate about revealing ‘Outdoor Luxury’ throughout Italy and the Mediterranean. Nature reconnects you and makes your travel experience richer.

Benefit Company: Raro Discovery was founded on strong principles, not just about the way travel should be, but also about how people ought to be treated and the role Raro Travellers play in the communities. These values are at the core and reflected in the structure of the business and into our attention to the environment.


Sustainability: we love our land so we arrange all your travel with genuine care and consideration, not just a nod to sustainability.

Innovation: Raro Discovery only delivers personalised itineraries for our Raro Travellers. As a team of innovators, we are excited to be the first Mediterranean travel collection that is developing non-fungible tokens. Each NFT will authenticate the unique quality of your experience. Your personalised NFT will incorporate access to exclusive experiences and benefits. The whole ensures a truly rare discovery.