Our Services

Our Mediterranean difference

Solo travellers, celebrations, events, whatever the reason for travel you will discover immediately our passion for perfection.

Solo Raro Travellers

We’re there to provide inspiration and 100% reliability for your trip. Brief us with anything from sports break to rural discovery. Our goal is for you to end your travels loving our home as much we do!

Raro Together Travellers

We promise each traveller in your party will be able to fulfil their personal passion. We can match golf and gastronomy, sailing and culture, wellbeing and Italian cuisine.

Because we are passionate about our home and know the Mediterranean like the back of our hand.
We're personally connected so we can promise really interesting priority access.
We also know what is 'good deal' in our country, so quite honestly our services pays for itself.

Our Raro Discovery events team have more than a decade’s experience to draw upon when designing your wedding, celebration or business event.

All our proposals are absolutely personalised. Once we establish the tone you’re looking for we start getting creative. Tell us what you’re passionate about: golf, gastronomy, nature or wellbeing, and we might integrate the theme into your event. This is a sure way to get the conversation flowing and promote a fabulous time for all. 

Raro Wedding and Family Celebrations

What is your dream? Traditional rustic revels in the piazza of an ancient Masseria or the exquisite elegance of a Venetian Palace? We design unique, joyous weddings which create beautiful memories. As this is the Mediterranean, we love to integrate our ‘ outdoor luxury ‘ concepts which might be anything from a garden banquet beneath rose arbours to white linen picnics amidst a cliffside vineyard.

Raro Private Dining

Mediterranean dining can be a special part of your Raro Discovery travels. With our portfolio of gastronomic talent, we offer private chefs whenever guests are staying. Dine in your villa, on your boat, by the beach, tell us you want white glove fine dining or a hands-on interactive experience, we’ll make it happen. Travelling around Mediterranean is about fresh seasonal flavours, taking time to savour a way of life.

Creative Business Gatherings

We are masters in creating “off the beaten path” business events across the Mediterranean region with plenty of authentic atmosphere. This is our home and our hospitality is bound less, you and all your guests will feel the difference with a Raro event. We integrate your passions, be the anything from sailing to pizza making, and wherever we can we incorporate Mediterranean ‘outdoor luxury’.

Raro Venues

We have a superb directory of rare Mediterranean places for a stay, party or retreat and importantly we bring our very personal perspectives. We have our favourite Piedmont villa and Greek beach restaurant, we know a gorgeous castle by the sea in Puglia. We’ve see the places and we can’t wait to show them to you.

Entertaining Your Group

There can be hands-on pasta making classes, cocktail shaking, tastings at a traditional Sagra or truffle hunting in the forests. Food, sports, music and ‘outdoor luxury’ can all be part of your event, we’ll entertain your guests and colleagues with enriching experiences that help everyone discover the Mediterranean.

Private Celebrations

We arrange celebrations for a select few in extraordinary places. Think of the tip of a pier over sea, a Renaissance castle, enchanting vineyards combining rustic charm with natural elegance. Everything is possible.


We begin with your passion and bring that to life as an incentive programme. We can bring your collegues onto the mediterranean0s most glorious Golf courses. In the hands of our Golf Pro you’ll find everyone leaves with a sense of reward, from beginners to top flight players. For gastropods we arrange cuisine by elite chefs, dynamic cooking demonstrations and hands-on experiences with aperitivos. Incentives on a yacht are a wonderful way to refresh hard working minds, the sea is great equaliser, one more superb team building option.

Outdoor Luxury

For generations our country men have revelled in the Mediterranean’s rustic beauty and we love to share that passion at every opportunity in our itineraries. Sea fishing at midnight, cooking in the embers of a Tuscan fire, tasting the first press of olives, we reveal what we call ‘Outdoor Luxury’. When we embrace nature the pace of life slows down and luxury takes on a whole new meaning.